Against The Current

A little story I’d like to reference:


What should you do?  Who should you be?  Why are you asking me?  A man decides for himself what he will do and who he will be.  He is not enslaved to another’s puny imagination.

The masculine man has the strength and determination to make choices and decisions on his own, for himself.  He also has the commitment to follow through with those choices and decisions.

The way of the masculine man is a powerful one.


Power Of Words

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Words are more powerful than any weapon.  Examples of this power include politics, news, movies, teachers, parents, peers, and music.  It is not the weapons of war one has to fear, but the words that one listens to.

What is a weapon?  What is a loaf of bread?  Without words, they are nothing but objects.  The objects themselves can be anything and have no meaning to the observer.  Words are what make the loaf of bread tasty and desirable, and the weapon dangerous and evil.  Yet those same objects could be changed and morphed into a completely different perception with just a few words.

Words also change this listener, the one spoken to.  Giving derogatory names has a psychologically damaging effect.  Applying derogatory statements of fact is even more damaging.  “You’re just stupid.”

Words have the most powerful effect on children.  Minds that are developing and are easily molded.  The most valuable physical treasure in this mortal realm; the most fought over, the most destroyed, and the most killed.

Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.  — Proverbs 18:21

Words can also be used to build, strengthen, and nurture.  Words can also be used on one’s own self.  It is with the power of the audible voice that the universe around us changes – just like with Martin Luther King, Jr.

Death by Feminism

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Feminism was never about freedom, it was about destroying society and family from within.  Enslaving people in a living death.

Destroying the nurturing structure that growing children needs produces a generation that cannot function in a society of rules and order.  The rules become chains, and to break those chains means even less freedom.  The children who grow up in this environment are even less functional in society.  A never ending downward spiral.  Those who do procreate outside of this cycle suck everyone connected to them down into the abyss as well.

Feminism is death to the human soul.

Be Your Own Master

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A man was made to be a master.  At the very least, a master of himself.

War Is Inevitable

War is inevitable.

This post by Chateau Heartiste is a good introduction.

Just the fact that there are many different people means that there will be conflict.  Just the fact that there are many people means that there will be conflict.

Within any single city, there are at least two “sides”.  Each side, while still in the community of the city, forms their own community.  However, each individual is trying to define “we” as the community they belong to.  Who is “we”?  Words have no meaning without a definition.  Likewise, the people begin to have a sense of meaninglessness as the “we” with which they are trying to associate themselves to has no defined meaning.

The individual is always attempting to discover who, or what, it is; especially in it’s early years.  The individual mind is at conflict with the communal mind.  Attempting to define “we” before defining “self” creates a conflict that cannot be resolved without a clear victor.  Creating a peace between the two sides leaves continuous tension to be dealt with.  Anything under tension will eventually break.  The “self” must be defined before the “we” defined, or else the “we” will collapse without the “self” to support it.

War is inevitable.

Leadership and Dominion

I want to write on the topic brought up in this post.

According to the author, it is control that makes a man.  I disagree.  Control of one’s self is a good demonstration of maturity, but leadership is a characteristic of a man.

In Genesis 1, God gave earth into man’s hands to subdue and have dominion over.  Woman is made as a help meet, or aid, for man in Genesis 2.  Leadership is not a feminine trait.

A man travels through life as a leader.  Being a leader requires followers, but being as a leader does not.  To live as a leader requires study and self-discipline.

“Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”  — 2 Timothy 2:15