A Woman Doesn’t Know What She Wants

And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression. — 1 Timothy 2:14

A woman doesn’t know what she wants – she must be told, taught, trained and shown what she wants.

Why has the average legal age of marriage gone up since the previous century?  Why is the such a push for girls to get “an education”?  So that the school system can teach them how to act, what to think, and what to say.  However, this is hidden behind all kinds of propaganda – from letting kids learn social skills to teaching them life lessons to helping them find themselves.

There is a thief who wishes to steal all the girls for himself.  He does this easily in the modern western world because a woman doesn’t know what she wants.


Stand firm

I’d like to start by referencing a post by Justin Campbell:  Quit Being Nice

A man needs to discover what he believes and stand firm for it.  Who a person is nor what a person is should affect his stance.

Every masculine man desires to have a domain of his own.  This can cause his demise if he does not rule his domain.  Any leniency creates momentum in the wrong direction.  A house without a firm foundation will not stay when a storm comes.

It is masculine men that create the structure of the society that they live in.  A masculine man build a castle with thoughts of war in mind.  A masculine man builds an empire for the continuing of generations.  A masculine man will stand firm in the face of any adversary – no matter who the adversary may be.