No help for singles

No one helps the single people.  Pre-posts:,

As a completely single Christian guy, there are two problems I face:

  1. Properly living as a Christian single person.
  2. Finding a proper Christian girl to marry.

How does one properly live a single life?  It’s generally summed up as “don’t have sex, read the Bible more, and pray more.”  Sometimes they might say “get a hobby”, but it’s hard to get a hobby by yourself.  Sure you can do a hobby by yourself, but first you have to start the hobby – at the very minimum, instructions are needed.  Also, what hobby?  Choices have to be presented for one to make a choice.  You also have to be capable of doing the hobby – no legs means no hiking or playing paintball.  For me personally, it would be nice if they suggested a hobby that they actively participate in.  What about the times when you can’t do your hobby or taking a break, or the times you are with strangers or friends, or the many other possibilities?

What if you just can’t live single without constantly stumbling?  Well, there is marriage.  So, how do I find a girl to marry?  Well, you talk to them and get to know them.  If you like each other then you date and get to know each other better before asking her to marry you.  So, you have to wait an unspecified amount of time before I can ask her?  Before that, I could end up in the friend-zone before I even have a chance?  Wait, even before that, where are they?  The ones I would have liked to marry are already married or dating, and not all the girls are in a position that I could even begin a conversation with them.  Like the ones who leave soon after the end of a church service.  “Before you leave, would you like to go on a date?”  Does anyone make a suggestion, or introduction?  It sounds like instructions on getting hit by an asteroid.

Where’s the brotherly and sisterly love that is supposed to be shown?  If no one helps me, don’t expect me to play by, or even know, the “rules”.


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