Stand firm

I’d like to start by referencing a post by Justin Campbell:  Quit Being Nice

A man needs to discover what he believes and stand firm for it.  Who a person is nor what a person is should affect his stance.

Every masculine man desires to have a domain of his own.  This can cause his demise if he does not rule his domain.  Any leniency creates momentum in the wrong direction.  A house without a firm foundation will not stay when a storm comes.

It is masculine men that create the structure of the society that they live in.  A masculine man build a castle with thoughts of war in mind.  A masculine man builds an empire for the continuing of generations.  A masculine man will stand firm in the face of any adversary – no matter who the adversary may be.


The masculine man is intellectual

The masculine man may feel things – anger, rage, possession, rejection – but his decisions are based on intellectual logic.  While a man can allow his emotions to affect his decisions, the decisions he makes are ultimately a result of an intellectual choice.

Because the masculine man makes his decisions independent of outside influences, deceiving him is nearly impossible (1 Timothy 2:14).  The strength of a masculine man does not come from muscles, although this is a positive attribute, it comes from his mind.  The ability to make a decision without being affected by the environment he is in and the commitment with which he holds to his decision is the demonstration of his strength.

The masculine man has the same mental characteristics of a trailblazer; a man will always have to make decisions and be responsible for those decisions.


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