War Is Inevitable

War is inevitable.

This post by Chateau Heartiste is a good introduction.

Just the fact that there are many different people means that there will be conflict.  Just the fact that there are many people means that there will be conflict.

Within any single city, there are at least two “sides”.  Each side, while still in the community of the city, forms their own community.  However, each individual is trying to define “we” as the community they belong to.  Who is “we”?  Words have no meaning without a definition.  Likewise, the people begin to have a sense of meaninglessness as the “we” with which they are trying to associate themselves to has no defined meaning.

The individual is always attempting to discover who, or what, it is; especially in it’s early years.  The individual mind is at conflict with the communal mind.  Attempting to define “we” before defining “self” creates a conflict that cannot be resolved without a clear victor.  Creating a peace between the two sides leaves continuous tension to be dealt with.  Anything under tension will eventually break.  The “self” must be defined before the “we” defined, or else the “we” will collapse without the “self” to support it.

War is inevitable.